Holding On To Hope

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Hope is the star we set our sights on as we look ahead 
to better futures; better circumstances; a better world. 

This piece is called "Holding On To Hope," and it expresses the hopefulness of the enduring spirit, and gives voice to that which leads us forward; be it faith, optimism, or simple tenacity.   In the story of "Pandora's Box," the only element that remains in her treasure chest after the maelstrom is Hope.  Each of us has moments when all we can do is hold tightly to our convictions or beliefs, and hope that is enough to get us through the storm.  

I was already performing this piece when Sept. 11, 2001 became a tragic day.  It has become a powerful source of inspiration for others and continues to convey the message of Hope and of the transformation of pain and loss into strength and renewal.

I recorded this piece on a very special trip in 2002, which was my first visit to Las Vegas (where I now live).  My friend, Gary Stadler (also a musician and the creator of "Fairy NightSongs"), "kidnapped" me and brought me to San Diego, where we spent four days working together in his studio, and breaking me in to the process of studio recording. Due to my changing my flight plans (and a tiny error in timing), it took me 17 hours to get back to my home in Boston...but it was worth it!

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